Thompson Miami Beach

If you are headed to Miami, then Thompson Miami Beach resort needs to be part of your destination plans.

This boutique hotel is set in a 1940s skyscraper. It has 2 cocktail bars, an outdoor pool and a gourmet restaurant. Not to mention, it’s only a 2 minute walk to Miami Beach.

If you have any doubt this resort is amazing, just cruise through their website. And take one more look at that picture above, because that could be your view!

Special Offers

Don’t be afraid that you can’t get a good deal on luxury. Before booking at the Thompson, look at the Offers tab on their website. You will find special rates, discounts and how to take advantage of free nights!

Looking for something fun to do off the resort property?

Don’t Miss This

If you can tear yourself away and the timing is right, just a short drive from the Thompson Miami Beach Resort is the Miami Beach Food Truck and Music Festival. This takes place the fourth Wednesday of every month from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. at the North Shore Bandshell.

Miami’s finer food trucks like GastroPod, Ms. Cheezious and Sakaya Kitchen are certain to make an appearance. Great food, drinks and tunes to get you jammin on the street.

Three Things I Didn’t Expect to Find at The Festival

It’s a street festival, so certainly the streets are going to get some trash…but here are three things I didn’t expect to see:

  • A McDonald’s wrapper – honestly, with such great food from all these trucks, who and why would anyone bring McD’s to a festival like this?
  • An empty bottle of Capsiplex Sport, the workout supplement.  Quite honestly, this is a workout supplement I first learned about at– I get it, Miami is a place of “beach bodies”, those in amazingly great shape who workout all the time. But, why carry around an empty bottle of your workout supplement?
  • A crushed ½ pint milk carton – beach bodies again? Maybe. Looking around though, no one was selling these from any truck and certainly not from any beer garden.

To round up here, luxury resort, beach and food & music festival will be the elements of a great trip!

Bon Voyage!