Carillon Beach Hotel – Great Travel Destination

Spending your next vacation in a state of the art hotel is not only exciting but also a lifetime memory.

Initially known as the Canyon Ranch Hotel and Spa, the Carillon Hotel is a world class Beach Hotel with stunning social and recreation amenities. It is a complex three high rise hotel located on the beachfront, east side of the Collins Avenue (6801), between the 68th and 69th streets in Miami Beach, Florida.

The hotel has beautifully decorated rooms equipped with free Wi-Fi, a huge fitness center with free fitness classes and lectures, indoor and outdoor pool. At the Carillon Beach hotel, you will discover a new model of health that is offered by a team of health physicians and professionals, modern treatment at the largest spa in South Florida and enjoy a variety of cuisine with local flavors and many more.

Things to do at the Carillon hotel

Carillon Beach hotel offers a variety of breathtaking health and fitness exercises. They employ qualified health physicians and gym instructors to ensure that you do not mess up with a crush of activities. Fitness exercises are critical ingredients to increasing longevity and quality of life, check the body energy levels, and manage stress.

You will explore endless exercising opportunities in a fun and dynamic group setting with the help of highly trained health physicians and fitness instructors. There are groups and private sessions in cardio and strength training. You will enjoy rock climbing with friends at the two-story indoor rock wall.

This fitness centers offers as much to the health of your mind and spirit as it does to your body.

Meditation: you will new techniques to help you in formulating your personal meditation practice such the power to breathe and maintain sharp mind focus to gain peace, comfort and remain calm.

Gyrotonic: These are exercises to help you reawaken the natural, healthy movement and patterns to improve the body posture, circulation, joint and muscle function as well as eliminating toxins in the body.

Qi Gong: This is a health fitness exercise that aims at integrating posture and breathing techniques as well as creating a strong mental focus to reduce stress, increase vitality and build stamina. The training is done in both private and group sessions.

Other activities include learning how to maintain a healthy body, a visit to SWAT beach camp, beach activities and exercises, metabolic exercise assessment and many more.

Carillon Miami Beach hotel has much more to offer. The plenty of activities and hospitality of the staffs and state of the art human services, among other reasons, have made this hotel an excellent choice for a majority of people.